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Apple’s iPhone 8

The luxury smart phone we have all been waiting for is planned to be released in stores this September. This newest iPhone brandishes some major changes and improvements over the previous generation. Whether or not you like the changes is up to you, but we will be disclosing them all in this post.

In my eyes, the most important part of the newest iPhone is the display. The iPhone 8 will feature an edge-to-edge display that is slightly curved at the sides. Contrary to previous iPhone’s, the iPhone 8 will allow users to enjoy a larger screen without a larger phone. The display also boasts True Tone technology which makes the image as perfect as it can be. Images on the display will look as life-like as they come.

The second major improvement is the camera. The iPhone 8 will feature a dual-lense rear-facing camera. This means that the back of your new phone will have TWO cameras. You may be thinking: why on earth would I want two cameras on my phone? It’s a bit difficult to explain, but a second camera allows app developers to create amazing augmented reality simulations. Thought PokemonGo was cool? Think again cause that is going to be thrown out of the park.

Just like most modern android phones, the iPhone 8 will be equipped with wireless charging. That means you won’t have to try to plug the damn adapter into your phone in the dark.  Just drop you phone onto a charging pad and it will automatically begin charging.

Annoyed with the iPhone 7’s earbud connector? We all thought Apple’s decision to remove the audio jack was terrible. Little did we know was that Apple was planning on removing corded audio all together. The iPhone 8 will come with wireless beatings earbuds that don’t even have to be plugged in to charge. They will be powered wirelessly from your phone. Amazing, huh?

Don’t like Touch ID? Well then the new iPhone 8 is for you. It will come equipped with facial recognition software called Face ID. It will let you unlock your iPhone by just looking at it. The technology uses 3D lasers and iris scanners to identify you and ensure that it isn’t just looking at a picture of you. Face ID has been said to be accurate enough to distinguish between identical twins!

The iPhone 8 won’t be for everyone however. Apple is planning on increasing the price even further past the iPhone 7’s whopping $977. Having the newest iPhone may make you the coolest girl around the block, but you wallet will hurt. Start saving up now and you may be able to afford it without having to lock yourself into a payment plan or payday loan.


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