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The Internet of Things

How It Works
The Internet of things is changing society and the world we live in. There are physical chips that transmit data to a network. This network helps the devices to communicate with each other. The place where the transmitted data go to is at the internet of things platform. It filters the data and takes the most significant data about industries with specialized needs. It takes data from devices and connects to a system where it can change how people shop, use energy and spend time. One example of this is traffic cameras where it can see accidents, weather, and traffic jams. This data then goes through a system where then it can alert people of traffic in an area and do more with the other data. Another example is in stores if more and more people buy a certain product then through the internet of things other stores can stock up on that product to make it more convenient and prevent a problem. The internet of things makes everything more efficient and more convenient. Billions of devices are connected to the internet and can give meaningful information to help the world we live in work properly.

Is the Internet of Things Good for the Future.
Most believe that the internet of things will create a brighter future through technology. I agree with this because technology is advancing the world and the internet of things is helping by giving meaningful data. The internet of things will change how we live in the near future. The internet of things connects smoke detectors, trains, cars, street lights, wind turbines, heart monitors, computers, mobile phones, and much more. The inter connecting networks help with people needs and wants. Also what needs to be changed and have to be improved. One prediction I have that the internet of thing will achieve is more cities will use internet of things devices. What I mean is cities will start to find the benefits of the internet of things and how it will make them more efficient. They will start to automate their systems to save both money and time. But of course, with an opinion, there will be people that will disagree. People think will all this technology and automation it might be impossible to control it. Technology is every where and people believe that internet of things makes it easier to hack into devices and ruin everything.

Internet of Things Security
The main problem with Internet of Things is that the idea is fairly new. The security had not been fully considered and caused a lot of problems. Experts have warned of the huge risk that many devices connected to the internet may be unsecured. Hacking was a definite possibility, but as the years passed since the idea of the internet of things the security increased due to the huge usage of the internet of things.

More Information on the Internet on Thing Platform
Having a good platform to collect data from devices, sensors, networks, and software can help swiftly deploy internet of things solutions. A platform can exchange certain data between applications. With technology changing the world it is a need that internet of things platforms to exist and work properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet of Things
There is more information, this makes it easier and more convenient to make correct choices. With internet of things, people can save huge amounts of time. It also can help save money, technology replaces human jobs which are in charge of monitoring supplies and other things.
It is very Complex and can cause many problems and bugs. There were many problems with keeping privacy protected and important data. There also a chance that the software can be hacked which but your privacy at risk. Your info can be misused or abused and it can many problems that may be difficult to fix.

All in all the internet of things is pushing the world we live in forward. But there is still a problem in this what we can’t just ignore. There are efforts to fix the internet of things to help it run the future. This era of technology will definitely have its positives and negatives.

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