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Microsoft’s Surface is Back!

Now, better than ever, is Microsoft’s newest addition to their Surface lineup. The various rumors have been squashed after the announcement of the new Surface Phone. It combines the best of the loved Surface device lineup with the portability and functionality of the iconic Windows phones. This is clearly Microsoft’s newest attempt at entering the lucrative mobile phone market. Perhaps, they will have better luck this time and be able to secure users for themselves.

The phone has one intriguing feature that has us all on our toes. Microsoft revealed that their preliminary designs show that the phone has the ability to fold out with a larger screen. This appears to be an attempt at capturing the phablet (phone + tablet) market and providing a versatile Windows powered device that can do more than a phone or tablet can do alone. In BlackBerry’s recent Key 2 premier we saw that physical keyboards are in demand for smart phones. We might see Microsoft capture this idea and offer a keyboard to go along with the Surface Phone.

What operating system will it run?

We all saw Microsoft pathetic attempt at integrating phones with desktops in the most hated operating system, Windows 8. They quickly withdrew and brought back the features that made computers great in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Experts suspect that the Surface Phone will be running a variant of Windows 10 that captures the mobile interface features of Windows 8. This may be surprising for some, but smart phones need an interactive touch screen that Windows 10 does not offer well.

How much will it cost?

Well, we won’t know exactly until it hits the stores, but the phone is expected to be priced near other flagship devices. With the all so expensive and powerful iPhone X retailing for over $1000 on release, it would not be surprising to see Microsoft new flagship dropping for upwards for $700. Microsoft does not have an established App store with the users and dominance that Apple enjoys. So, we can expect their profits from software sales to be lower.

But, is Microsoft even looking to make a profit with this phone? If they want a dominant position in the mobile phone market, Microsoft will have to offer something that Google and Apple do not provide or drop prices so low that users cannot resist. Nobody wants to have to learn a new mobile operating system and setup their phone from scratch. Only the most adventurous and dedicated users are willing to do this, so it was a great call by Microsoft to start out with releasing a flagship phone that is irresistible to phone gurus. We will have to wait and see, however, if it can pass the test.

Microsoft isn’t the only one folding their phones. Samsung also has plans on a foldable top of the line, flagship, smart phone. Leaked pictures show a similar folding design to the Surface Phone but without the Windows operating system. Android is not equipped to deal with two screens, so Samsung is going to have their software engineers hard at work to make this folding phone perform well in the hands of users. Samsung, however, will have the upper hand with their new OLED screens that have much better colors and viewing angles than tradition smartphone screens. The technology lets each individual pixel be turned off and on at will instead of using a backlight and using the pixels as filters.

None the less, smart phone innovation is not stopping, and the future has tons of new ideas and systems of phone gurus like myself to enjoy. Follow our blog to learn more.

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